Wande Play --Multi-series Large Outdoor Playground Equipment

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Mushrooms are no strangers to every child. In mushrooms series playground equipment, you can touch it clearly, the real touch experience and visual impact can inspire children imagination and generate a strong interest. High contrast of the three-dimensional color can stimulate children motor cells.


The product inspiration comes from the Caribbean pirate ship, the charming sandy beaches, the vast sea and the blue sky, we raise thousands of sails ready to voyage. Enthusiastic, open, free dynamic elements inspire children to be optimistic, forge ahead, to be a brave sailor.


"Mysterious paradise, beautiful plant fairy" - this is a mysterious world, is the little baby’s mystery paradise. They come in groups and go hand in hand, and have fun on the playground equipment. Children who long-term living in the reinforced buildings can temporarily get rid of the hustle and bustle of the city through playing, and stimulate the love of nature's emotions.


Children are driving a spacecraft from the distant freely. Spacecraft, aliens and other outer space elements combined to exercise children horizontal thinking ability and IQ development; S-shaped playground slide increases the game irritation which exercises children risk and limb coordination. Outer space series playground equipment design a wonderful outer space scene through using beautiful light lines and vibrant colors for the children, which fully stimulate the child's imagination and creativity.


Follow the original style, to the original forest for design inspiration, adding children favorite birds, trees and other natural elements, lifelike thatched grass and trees is to create a mysterious quiet forest tribes.


Wande outdoor playground equipment not only brings children rich visual, tactile experience at the same time, but also brings a variety of physical training experience, together with a variety of physical training module to exercise the physiological function of children, and the quality of love life.

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