Wande Play Outdoor Playground Equipment

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Wande Play is not only a playground equipment brand, but also a manufacture with many years of experience in the production of children playground equipment. Every outdoor playground equipment must pass our rigorous testing to ensure its quality and reliable, then we will be issued to buyers, so as to ensure that customers can safely use the reset assured. Wande has a professional design team, which can eb tailored for each kindergarten large outdoor playground equipment.


Wande outdoor playground equipment is made of special environmental pollution-free material, the interface with tenon structure can prevent sun and rain, and the using time will be longer than normal one. It will be not easily crack and damage.

Some outdoor play equipment can be based on the design of each kindergarten teacher to develop a variety of targeted games, for example: climbing, running, jumping, pushing, turning, drilling and other games.

Rich games can exercise children limb flexibility, coordination and balance ability, through body movement, you can train children sense of integration ability.

Outdoor playground equipment can make children touch and vestibular balance full of learning to prevent the emergence of abnormal phenomenon. During playing the game, children can climb from the various directions to the center platform, and then along the slide. They can feel the fun of climbing, sliding and swinging one by one. It cultivates the child's courage and braveness.

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