Wande all age intelligent sports park

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Nanjing lishui sports park is  the the country's first all age intelligent demonstration sports park constructed by nanjing wande play facilities The park covers an area of about 30,000 square meters, with a total investment of nearly 200 million yuan. Divided into several functional areas. The entire park has three characteristics, 1.the full population coverage, and 2. intelligent management, and 3. standard security.


According to international advanced concept exercise, drawing lessons from developed countries of high quality manufacturing process technology, ensuring the high quality and taste, according to body functions principles and movement to optimize the design and configuration, Wande has developed different ranges outdoor fitness equipment for different ages populations and various needs of the population in outdoor fitness system .Different ages populations including pediatric population, adolescents and the elderly population; various needs of the population including race crowd, trail fitness crowd, organized activities of people, disabled people, strengthening exercises and floor exercise crowd of people.

The whole park is divided into different functional part:Kids fitness area,Teenager fitness area,Middle-aged Fitness Area,Disabled Fitness Area,Strengthen Fitness Area,Relax Area,Ground Fitness Area.


"More than five power zone"
The area are selectively used of the five kinds of the combination "fitness path equipment" (balance beam, sit-up , Squat Pushing, parallel bars, ladder). It can fully enhance the strong physique and inspire enthusiasm through the match of training five kinds of physical ability (balance force, waist strength, leg strength, chest shoulder strength, arm strength) .Particularly it’s suitable to units, carrying out team competition.


Middle-aged Fitness Area
The fitness equipments in this area are designed for middle-aged people. Through different training methods which focus on strengthening the middle-aged upper limb, lower limb, waist and back, thus maintaining physical function decline or delay the process.


Kids Fitness Area
The Fitness equipments in this area are designed for the growth and development of the physical characteristics of children. They will develop their ability of balance, reaction, agility, speed and direction feeling when they enjoy the playing.


Teenager Fitness Area
The fitness equipments in this area are designed for the growth and development of the physical characteristics of teenagers. By climbing exercise, focus on training the ability of teenagers’ upper and lower limb, the coordination between muscles, stability of body, balance and feelings.


Disabled Fitness Area
The fitness equipments in this area are designed for the functional rehabilitation requirements of disabled people. Focus on training the power of the upper limb and the waist, and the lower limb, thereby promoting overall physical disability and functional recovery of compensatory improved.


Strengthen Fitness Area
Strengthening fitness area by foreign designers portrait design, product design is new, interesting and exercise. Such as the use of wire rope core nylon rope, high tensile strength, the spare parts for the connection is aluminum alloy to ensure that no shedding, and no mesh deformation.


Relax Area
The area have configuration of chess, chess, backgammon board and chairs, Designed for people relax.


Ground Fitness Area
Using the gap of the outdoor fitness equipments, we design a set of floor exercise pattern (such as: Fun knowledge run, 10 m shuttle run, three-point run to move, across the jump, standing long jump, functional training, jump, hopscotch, cross run and cross quadrant jump, etc.), in order to fully utilize the terrain conditions, the formation of complementary interactive style "three-dimensional" fitness exercise equipment layout.


The cage multifunctional fitness equipment area
This is our cage multifunction fitness area, you can see that it uses a network structure, durable. Different from traditional stadium, where the cage is divided into multi-purpose stadium and climbing Recreation area. In the past, a lot of parents with children is inconvenient to exercise, so our designers specially in the stadium increases the enclosed children's play facilities in the free area for people with children. Our basketball and football is integrated, because of the site can also be transformed according to the needs of different functions, in addition to basketball, football, volleyball, you can also jump Square dance, tai chi and so on. Many people jump Square Dance also carry a heavy speaker, very inconvenient. So we added a specially intelligent speaker system, you simply connect the phone via Bluetooth, you are able to freely switch between different types of music depending on the occasion, our park is fully wifi covered, so do not worry about wasting network flow. The greatest feature of the site is our basketball solar lighting system. It has five hours of battery life. After dark, the lights will automatically turn on. When no one,the light is dim. When someone approaches, through the intelligent sensing system, the lights will automatically light up; people left, the system will automatically detect the lights slowly dim recovery, energy conservation. Artificial lighting time can be set, easy management. These settings are reflected in our company's products intelligent.


Intelligent Scientific Fitness Guide
Passing through the mobile Internet, motion expert system platform  support to achieve training methods cloud management, more than 300 scientific fitness guide video are provided in real-time.


Intelligent Management on Equipment Maintenance
QR code recognition, networking, Internet and dynamic management of advanced technology integrated used, the park has been successfully established management system real-time monitoring and timely maintenance of outdoor fitness equipment.

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