Wande wooden series outdoor playground equipment

Date: 2017-04-05 Source: Print Bookmark

Nowadays, the people and kids like wooden series outdoor playground equipment are more than the plastic & metal pipes. As they think the wooden ones are more naturally than the plastic ones. When several years later, if wooden series outdoor playground broken or need be change, they will not be so damage to the environment. But the plastic parts and the metal parts they will damage the environment if we not take care of the after service for it.


For the wood we used for the outdoor playground equipment we adopted Robinia, which is famous for high intensity. The wood is glossy, cross-grained but well-proportioned and excellent anti-corrosive ability.

And we will do the surface treatment for the robinia before produce for wooden series outdoor playground equipment. After the pressing and planning, the wooden posts will be taken into the anti-corrosinon treatment, fireproofing and polishing. For the surface powder coating, we use special brand color powder, which confirms to the HG/T2240-1991 & GB/T 9271-88 stand.

For wooden series outdoor playground equipment we can use the wood to design any shape and function you need, such as the pirate vessel, shark, whale, forest, climbing mountains etc.

Any customized wooden outdoor playground equipment if you are interested, please come to join us.

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