Nanjing Wande Play through the small amusement facilities annual audit successfully

Date: 2017-05-08 Source: Print Bookmark

The Secretary-General Xing Youxin and engineers Zhang Jingming, the national ropeway and playground equipment Standardization Committee, conducted a two-day small amusement facilities annual supervision and audit in Wande Play on March 28, 2017. As the fist enterprise which access to small amusement facilities manufacturing license in China, the audit team will focus on small amusement facilities product design, manufacture, installation, maintenance and other whole process to do a comprehensive review. General Manager Wu Wanpeng, executive vice president Jiang Xibin and the relevant departments of the company attended the meeting.


At the first meeting, General Manager Wu Wanpeng welcomed the arrival of the expert group on behalf of the company. He asked the department participating in this audit to attach great importance to actively cooperate with the work of the expert group, prepare all kinds of materials in advance, humbly accept the experts Inspection, and in the expert guidance and help to find the problem; at the same time to cherish the opportunity to review, carefully consult experts to further study the advanced management methods to improve their management capacity and operational level.

Xingyou Xin, the Secretary-General said: Wande is the industry's leading good business, both on the scale or management, are the best. Hope that through the small amusement facilities to monitor the implementation of the audit standards to promote the continuous improvement of production and management level, but also to promote the industry's norms and long-term and healthy development.

The review process is very smooth, after review, Nanjing million production of small amusement facilities meets the audit standards. There is no non-compliance. This marks the success of Nanjing Wande through a small amusement facility annual supervision audit!

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