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With your care and support in the past ups and downs 26  years, Wande play has been grown into the industry-leading playground equipment and outdoor fitness equipment manufacture.


Founded in 1986, Wande  Play focus on the manufacturingof fitness equipment & playground  equipment, spreads the happiness & healthy to the whole world. Wande  Playgroundbased in Nanjingand serve the global. Adhering to the Jinling gives us leisure and historical heritage, we determined to become the best carrier of laughter all over the world.


When Wande Play was founded, the company's property is just the few founders struggle to improve our personal life situation during the age of reform and opening up.But with the development and growth of the company. Wande Play has gradually changed from Wande owned  by the founders into Wande owned by Wande people.The company has also become the stage where all the German people can display their ideals. I created Wande, while Wande people add a new mission and soul to Wande Play, and they also provide inexhaustible driving force for the future development.


The way ahead is long and full of difficulties, but a time will come for Wande Play to ride the wind and break the waves.


Keep struggling and proceeding,I believe that one day, Wande Play will be popular among the whole world. Wande Play will become the synonymous of recreational sports and the general public play.