How to exercise on outdoor fitness equipment safety and healthy?

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Using outdoor fitness equipment does not exercise too much, why? Because the past is not often or do not participate in the fitness of the elderly will appear twisted feet, sprain problem, you can warm the feet about 10-15 minutes and then exercise, which can play a preventive role.


Senior people suffering from cardiovascular disease, vertebral artery type cervical spondylosis, otolith disease, easy motion sickness or seasickness can not use some outdoor fitness equipment, so need to look at the use of the product description to do the appropriate exercise.

The use of outdoor fitness equipment movement should not be excessive, this is because if the prevention of excessive sprain after the situation, a good solution is to choose the appropriate sports for their own. If you often involved in physical exercise in the past, then the general pulse is not more than 110 times / minute is appropriate, the maximum shall not exceed 120 times / min.

Do some exercise to warm up before 10-15 minutes. It is not good if you start exercise on outdoor fitness equipment directly. Do the exercise before fitness can prevent twisted and nerve damage.

To control the movement time, the best time to exercise time each time is off in 40 minutes or so. Wande Play warmly reminds that if senior people osteoporosis, it will fix damages the lumbar spine.

After the campaign to do finishing actions, it is because people in the movement after the expansion of the capillaries. People will feel the heart oppressed, so need to walk after walking, buffering about 10 minutes.

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