Do you really know how to fitness?

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Doing exercise on outdoor fitness equipment in public places is the fitness way for many elderly people. If insisting on the rational use of fitness equipment, it will make us strong and healthy and longevity. However, if used improperly, it will hurt their own body.

Each outdoor fitness equipment has a manual but few people will see it carefully. Most senior people just imitate if using these fitness facilities in the first time. The reporter found that few people exercise rightly in a very popular fitness site.

The most typical is this kind of Tai Chi spinner, almost no one know how to use properly. Here, Wande Play will give some tips about fitness equipment.


There are some outdoor fitness equipment, the user's action looked very standard but awkward make it wrong, which may be injured finally. Wande Play also reminds that the exercisers should pay attention to their  breathing time when fitness.
Wande Play here reminds that there are two kinds of people can not use outdoor fitness equipment.

1 There are severe hypertension, coronary heart disease, pulmonary heart disease, asthma and vertigo and other diseases should be disabled or caution fitness equipment.

2. Because outdoor fitness equipment designed for adults to use, is based on adult size and ability, and children are easily injured. The expert said that children should use kids outdoor fitness equipment.

Sports should be sustained, which can not give up halfway. To move or not move can determine the life of person’s last decade of life.

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