Outdoor fitness equipment market becomes a hot point

Date: 2017-03-08 Source: Print Bookmark

According to the World Health Organization's survey and research shows that physical exercise is the best way to resist sub-health and change the sub-health state. With the people's consumer attitudes continue to change, the investment in the fitness is also increasing, so outdoor fitness equipment market heat up.


Miss Li is an advertising company's account manager, who is busy with work and neglected exercise, the body is in sub-health state. So, miss Li exercise on outdoor fitness equipment for an hour every night. A month later, miss Li said “ I feel the physical condition has also been significantly improved”.

Fitness equipment market is divided into home and commercial market in two parts. With the improvement of living conditions, it provided favorable conditions and development opportunities for fitness equipment. The needs of fitness equipment, especially the needs of home fitness equipment are also increasing. According to the Chinese culture and education and sporting goods association statistics show China outdoor fitness equipment market in 2000 after the rapid growth trend.

Outdoor fitness equipment is divided into three categories, skipping, rally and other cheap fitness equipment. This kind of fitness equipment is simple structure, and easy to use. It is most of the consumer’s home fitness equipment.

Followed by mid-range fitness equipment, such as treadmills, Tai-chi spinners and so on. This kind of fitness equipment is more complex, and its performance has reached a high level. The third one is high-end fitness equipment, such as multi-function treadmill, combined trained machine and so on. This type of fitness equipment with push-ups, waist twist and other functions, and the price is more expensive.

The survey shows that small size, affordable middle and low fitness equipment are favored by most consumers. The women and the elderly accounted for a large proportion in the exercisers, because most women want to lose weight and maintain the body curve.

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