The beauty of outdoor fitness equipment, have you think of?

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Kebne by Johan Kauppi design


A good design should be beautiful, at this point, all outdoor fitness equipment nearby apartment, community and park can not be called pass. Recently, the Swedish studio launched a minimalist style outdoor fitness facility, because the reference is the Swedish peak Kebne and took the same name for this series. Triangle facilities on both sides of the left and right are set at different heights of the beam, no matter what age people can use them for a variety of exercise, very flexible to use.

CubeFit TerraMat


Be aware of the sedentary body, the market appear a lot of people can stand the work of the product. However, the danger of standing all day is no more than sitting on the small: the United States, a product manager  because of standing too long left leg pain, and finally had surgery. After discovering the problem, manager decided to start from the sole of the feet to reduce the impact of standing on the body. He led the team of designers introduced a CubeFit TerraMat massage pad, the surface consists of six functional areas, you can stand while the side of foot massage or do a small stretch before and after stretching, stretching the leg muscles.

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