A spring coming, who will responsible for outdoor fitness equipment?

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Flowers bloom during the warm spring, more and more people choose to exercise on outdoor fitness equipment. For many citizens, it is very good to have walks on a small square. They not only communicate with neighbors but also exercise in fitness equipment.

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Recently, many people reflect that a lot of outdoor fitness equipment is broken, and some residents are still using the broken fitness equipment. "Our community fitness equipment has some damage more or less, there is a security risk if people exercise on fitness equipment," Mr. Wu said.

Many city areas, square and school install outdoor fitness equipment, most of these fitness facilities are spacewalking machine, uneven bars and so on. The most easily broken is spacewalking machine and waist twister. These fitness facilities installed since the apartment was completed, and now have five or six years, some fitness equipment has broken and not replaced for a long time." many residents reflect to reporters.

Broken fitness equipment has a bad impact on the residents daily exercise, the dilapidated appearance also affects the residents mood. "We do not know how long can replace these bad fitness facilities, we can’t use and it also occupy the community space which was really wasting." Mrs Lu said.

It is understood that the life of outdoor fitness equipment is about six years, in fact, many outdoor fitness facilities can not use such a time. If outdoor fitness equipment was broken, it can not only meet the demands of people daily exercise, but also take big security risks.

Now the weather is warming, in order to meet the community residents fitness desire, we hope that property management department can repair outdoor fitness equipment as soon as possible, and also hope that residents can use in accordance with the instruction, as far as possible to extend the life of outdoor fitness equipment.

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