Pay attention to the service life of outdoor fitness equipment

Date: 2017-03-16 Source: Print Bookmark

The service life of outdoor fitness equipment was affected by the weather. If the air is wet or too dry, it will affect service life. The acid rain and other abnormal rain are uncontrollable factors. Normally, outdoor fitness equipment can be used for more than 6 years, painted fitness equipment can use 8-10 years.


Generally speaking, the service life of outdoor fitness equipment is 6 years, some twisted fitness equipment is generally 4 years. In fact, the service life is in accordance with the frequency of the use of outdoor fitness equipment. Professional outdoor fitness equipment manufacturers recommend that do not use those gym facilities which exceed the useful life, because most of them has expired. If continued to use, it will have security risks. Now, the surface treatment of outdoor fitness equipment has been improved further, and corrosion-resistant appearance treatment has been greatly improved. The color can be maintained for 8 years without fading. Wande spray electrostatic before use shot blasting process, which makes outdoor fitness equipment surface treatment to meet the national requirements level.

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