Pay attention to the cleanness of outdoor fitness equipment

Date: 2017-03-17 Source: Print Bookmark

Now people's living standards are high, and with the national fitness hot in the whole world, you can see a lot of outdoor fitness equipment in the community, school and square. The frequency of people using outdoor fitness equipment is also increasing. In the residential area, from the senior people to the children both use outdoor fitness equipment to strengthen physical exercise. It plays a big role in enhancing physical fitness.


In the community, in addition to the outdoor exercise equipment, and people nearby also occasionally exercise here, so the frequency will be higher than before. However, according to the data, most of outdoor fitness equipment does not have regular disinfection, even the most basic cleaning measures, which makes people have health concerns. If there is an infectious disease, the consequences could be disastrous. Therefore, outdoor fitness equipment disinfection should not be ignored.

In view of current outdoor fitness equipment disinfection, for their own health and safety, people should maintain personal hygiene, and remember to wash their hands afterwards. Especially the children should develop good habits, not eat and play at the same time. The district property staff should keep the venue and fitness equipment clean, and disinfect outdoor exercise equipment once a week. It endanger the safety of the masses strangles in the cradle. The existence of outdoor fitness equipment is to keep our body health, not to bring health "health killer".

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