What outdoor fitness equipment should be used slowly?

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Outdoor fitness equipment, there is a professional name called outdoor fitness path. Installed in the outside, and provide outdoor fitness equipment and facilities for people daily exercise. Now, it implements national standards: GB19272-2011, and the device service life are 8 years.


One is the extension class. Ribbed wooden frame, horizontal bar and other pressure legs to rod class devices. This kind of movement does not advocate that the old man desperately pressed his legs or lifted his legs very high to pressure, high pressure does not mean healthy. Wande Play recommends the highest can not shoulder.

Second, twisted waist class. In his later years the waist is blunt, twisted when the action as slow as possible. Twisting too fast can lead to a small muscle around the spine, the disc will have a negative impact, may lead to disc herniation. Therefore, in doing the twisting action, it is necessary to do what, do not be extremely distorted from, in particular, do not force too much.

Third, there are oxygen devices. Wande Play proposal that and some older people in the space walker to increase the pace, span 160 degrees to 180 degrees, the space walker as a "dynamic split legs", which is appropriate risk. Because it may lead to relaxation of the hip ligament, easily lead to dislocation. Wande Play suggested that older people should repeat to do some low-intensity aerobic exercise.

Four is the power device. (1) horizontal bar. The purpose of the horizontal bar in his later years is mainly to affect the muscles, 60-year-olds do not need to do too fast too fast, do not need to do 100% effort. Moderate symptoms of disc herniation, you can arm on the horizontal bar to moderate flexion, feet to the ground, do more than half the weight of the hanging, its function is appropriate to vertical traction. (2) in situ kicks. Patella softening of the old age is not appropriate.

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