The instruction and precaution of outdoor fitness equipment

Date: 2017-03-21 Source: Print Bookmark

With the development of society, the community will have more and more outdoor fitness equipment which suitable for the elderly friends comes out. Outdoor fitness equipment will also be intelligent, interesting, simple development. Wande Play believes that community outdoor fitness equipment will usher in a new era with the community improved from time to time, just like a blossoming in full bloom flowers to decorate with modern villages. It will be very convenient in the national fitness era, but it also need use scientific or anything have harm on body, which can’t achieve the purpose of fitness.


The target group is the public, and outdoor fitness equipment belongs to the device settings. University nature makes it simple, easy to learn, quick features. However, it is device which need grasp the basic essentials of manipulation, exercise step by step, not show weakness and rivalry, so that the harmony of the human body and the same device. Only in this way can prevent effectively blind manipulation caused by sports injuries. The national norms "fitness equipment fitness path of the common requirements" through the expert validation in Beijing. It defines clear specifications for the shape of "fitness path", structural design, static load capacity, chaos, safety warnings, equipment and site requirements, electrical safety and so on to ensure safe use. To keep " four attention" when using outdoor fitness equipment in mind, and you can improve the amount of exercise appropriately.

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