Rational use of outdoor fitness equipment

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Outdoor fitness equipment in the device set, the target group is the public, its wide universal so that it has a simple, easy to learn, quick features. But it is, after all, equipment, the need to master the basic essentials of exercise, exercise step by step, do not try to be brave and rivalry, so that the unity of the human body and equipment. So that in order to effectively avoid the blind operation caused by sports injuries. China's "fitness equipment fitness path safety requirements" national standards in Beijing through the expert validation, the "fitness path" from the shape, structural design, static load capacity, stability, safety warning, equipment installation and site requirements, electrical safety Aspects of the provisions of a clear standard to ensure the use of security.


1. Do not exercise too much. In the past often participate in physical exercise, can be appropriate to improve the amount of exercise, the general pulse is not more than 110 times / minute is appropriate, the maximum shall not exceed 120 times / min. In the past do not often or do not participate in physical exercise of the old comrades, first of all to choose their own sports.

2. Exercise must be prepared before the activities, warm up 10 to 15 minutes or so. This can prevent twisting the neck, twisting and damage to the nerves.

3. After exercise to do some finishing actions. Because people in the movement after the expansion of the capillaries, if sitting on the ground in situ, the human blood in the distal body can not return to the heart, you will feel the heart oppressed, high blood pressure and heart disease old comrades. After walking, but also to walk around 10 minutes.

4. To master the movement time. Old friends every time the best exercise time in 40 minutes or so, left no less than 30

minutes, right not more than 1 hour.
Of course, the above mentioned need to combine the actual situation of their own body to explore their own way of exercise or ask the experts to arrange their own way of exercise.

With the development of society, the community will be more and more suitable for the old friend of the fitness methods comes out, equipment fitness will be intelligent, fun, simple development. We believe that with the continuous progress of community building, public places and facilities in the community, community fitness will usher in a new era of fitness.

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