To maintenance outdoor fitness equipment, we need to work together!

Date: 2017-03-29 Source: Print Bookmark

Except the gym, outdoor fitness equipment is another outdoor exercise for citizens, and compared with the gym, outdoor fitness equipment is more common and convenient. On the country, due to outdoor fitness equipment always in open-air environment which often by the wind, sun, rain and other bad weather, fitness equipment aging is very fast. Wande Play fitness equipment experts remind that outdoor fitness equipment maintenance needs to attract attention, especially in three main considerations.


First, outdoor fitness equipment needs general public careful use. Outdoor fitness equipment is the country to provide for public daily exercise, this saved the cost of club and other fitness places. As these outdoor fitness facilities are commendable and free, many people do not pay attention to the use and maintenance of fitness equipment. However, the security of outdoor fitness equipment and people is closely related, so Wande Play reminds the public to maintain outdoor fitness equipment.

Second, residential property and related national social public service agencies carry out regular maintenance and inspection of outdoor fitness equipment. Due long-term use, there will be loose screws and other issues inevitably. It needs to conduct regular inspection and maintenance and reminds people if take security risks.

Third, the general public to form a social supervision between each other, because outdoor fitness equipment safety related to the safety of the general public. The public should reflect department if found outdoor fitness equipment damage timely, and supervise some people damage outdoor fitness equipment intentional.

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