The opinion of “woman and man have difference” about outdoor fitness equipment should change now

Date: 2017-03-31 Source: Print Bookmark

We often see that power fitness equipment becomes men space, and gym room is always the world of ladies around outdoor fitness equipment.


Wande Play point out that some people think that aerobics is designed for ladies only, and it is not good if men jump. It will affect the beauty if women exercise on outdoor fitness equipment. In fact, “women and man have different” about outdoor fitness equipment is bias. The fitness coach should help people to correct this bias and guide them how to fitness scientific.

Experts analysis, the goal of fitness is nothing more than to shape body and improve physical fitness. Under the guidance of the coach, it’s helpful for man format muscle and increase strength. However, it just one aspect, men has life pressure in modern society, so the daily exercise and mental state adjustment are also important. To solve the problem, the best way is to insist daily exercise.

For women, the goal of fitness is lose weight and health, some people mistakenly believe that aerobic exercise is the best way to lose weight and bodybuilding, and few people exercise on power fitness equipment. If you want to exercise fat, the best exercise way is on outdoor fitness equipment, it can change the relative angle of the bones.

Through outdoor fitness equipment, women can also train their own endurance, speed and strength, which is good for women self-confidence and vitality. The expert advises that women exercise on outdoor fitness equipment need under the guidance of the coach, and the frequency should not be too dense, 1-3 times a week training, each 20-30 minutes is enough.

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