The lifetime of three categories of outdoor fitness equipment

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1. Outdoor fitness equipment with the performance of the surface

Horizontal bar and parallel bar belongs to this kind of fitness equipment. Due to the operator are higher from the ground when exercising, it have difficulty and risk of movement. It was easy to make the bar fatigue crack and fracture after repeated use and deformation. Wande refers to competitive horizontal bar safe life is 1 year, the provisions of the safe life are 2 years.

2. Outdoor fitness equipment is rotating, swinging or sliding

This kind of outdoor fitness equipment includes spacewalking machine, playground swing, playground seesaw and other fitness equipment. All kinds of equipment parts have frequent wear and tear during processes. Referring to the normal life of normal mechanical equipment, outdoor environment, and the daily life of the use conditions, Wande determines the safe life is 4 years.

3. Stabled outdoor fitness equipment

For example, fixed-type piling, balance beam(actually steel parts), fixed ladder, climbing wall, sit-up bed and so on, because there is no parts moving, combing, outdoor fitness equipment collision, tear and outdoor environment, Wande advises that safe life is 6 years.

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