Six inadvisable points for outdoor fitness in spring

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Spring is coming, the earth gets warmer, and all things on earth come back to life. People come outside to outdoor fitness. In this season, when using outdoor fitness equipment for exercise, and the following six inadvisable points should be avoided. 


1. Outdoor fitness should not be a sudden: some simple limb movement should be done before, to prevent ligaments and muscle sprain. 

2. In fog days, outdoor fitness exercise is no recommended: fog beads contain a lot of dust, pathogenic microorganisms and other harmful substances. When doing exercise, due to breathing, the lungs is bound to inhale more harmful substances. 

3. Please not breath with mouth when exercising, and you should develop with your nose, because the nose has a lot of hair. It can filter out the air, so to protect the trachea and lungs away from the damage of dust and bacteria.

4. Do not ignore keeping warm when using outdoor fitness equipment: don’t take off the coat as soon as you start exercise. After the body is slightly hot and then gradually reduced clothing. When you finish the exercise, you should wipe sweat, and immediately put on clothes to prevent the cold. 

5. Do not exercise on an empty stomach: in the morning, in addition to low blood sugar, blood viscosity is high. Along with low temperatures, vasoconstriction and other factors, if exercise on an empty stomach, it can lead to sudden death due to low blood sugar and heart disease. 

6. Do not get up too early to exercise: in the morning air is not fresh, the air will not be rich in oxygen negative ions until 4 pm. 

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