Children can only grow up in free exercise

Date: 2017-04-10 Source: Print Bookmark

Whether in the family or in school, sports have been pushed to the corner. The child can not "arbitrary" to exercise on so called "sports" and " outdoor fitness equipment", because parents worried that the child injures during exercising. What are the principles of child's athletic activities and ability, so what should we follow in the child's daily exercise?


1. Let the children free and easy to exercise

During exercise, adult guide is very important. We subconsciously have various degrees of protection tendencies and deprived child a lot of sports opportunities. In fact, Rousseau even believes that bearing the pain is the first thing which the child should learn. Rousseau not only encourages children to exercise on outdoor fitness equipment but also advise child not wear too much to endure the cold. Especially in winter, the child should go to outdoors to play ice and exercise. Rousseau summed that it can rich children experience and enhances physical fitness.

Although these ideas and ideas I quite agree, after all, it is a theoretical "utopian" Bale. However, Wande Play designer found a lot of realities, children are happy to play even though the weather is cold. 

2. Intervene to create a sports environment for children

During children exercising, parents not only let go but also appropriate "intervene". Of course, the so-called "intervention" is not to the inherent concept of adults to restrain and limit the child's movement. It provides outdoor fitness place for the children. To create a fitness environment, it not only just place outdoor fitness equipment but has the vitality.

Safety, fun, and challenge are factors that need to be considered in creating children exercise space. Of course, all this should follow the child's interest and vision rather than adult standards. An ideal sports equipment can stimulate the child's exercise desire, and can let children release themselves, and grown up in an explore, cooperation and adventure spiritual space.

3.With the children hand to carry out outdoor sports

Let the outdoors become the second home of the child and the parents, and let daily exercise become the child and the parents the common life content. In particular, with the change of living conditions, the child have less sport and fitness place. So parents should bring children to play in outdoor.

So, create more opportunities to leave the "Sanwei Bookstore" to "Baicao Park", let the child jump or run, or roll, roll or climb. The child will be more fully experience the fun of the sport. Of course, in the process of parental participation itself is that better than all the encouragement and preaching. But also in the child's instinct driven by adults have also been a sense of weakness: with children to exercise, grow together.

Two hundred years ago, Rousseau once said, "Nature wants children to be like children before they become adults, and if we disrupt this order, it will cause some precocious fruit, neither rich nor sweet. We will be able to say that the childhood of the movement is "full" and "sweet" childhood; the children of exercise are healthy and happy.

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