There are many kinds of outdoor fitness equipment

Date: 2017-04-10 Source: Print Bookmark

In the urban area, now outdoor fitness equipment has been very common. A lot of parks and squares are beginning to install outdoor fitness equipment. It can improve people's living standards and provide people with daily exercise. Whether it is morning or evening, there will always a lot of children, the elderly here to exercise, improve physical fitness. So what are the common types of outdoor fitness equipment?


First of all, as people see it every day, there are many types of outdoor fitness equipment. For example: horizontal bar, parallel bars, playground swing, playground seesaw, wooden frame, horse riding machine, playground treadmill, spacewalking machine, outdoor rehabilitation, outdoor massage machine, combination training device, sit-ups Such as seesaw, climbing rope, climbing pole, climbing wall, climbing piles, piling, balance beam, pontoon bridge, floating piling, chute, touching high beam, floating wheel, shells and so on, and each fitness equipment function is different.

Of course, in addition to ordinary outdoor fitness equipment, there also has disability outdoor fitness equipment, such as double-hand fitness car, seat-linked walking machine, arm exercises, steps and so on. It is very helpful for improving the physical fitness and rehabilitation of people with disabilities. 

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