Analysis On Outdoor Fitness Equipment Market

Date: 2017-04-14 Source: Print Bookmark

In the solution to the problem of food and clothing, on the one hand people pay more attention to physical health status. On the other hand, the pressures of life and work are increasing, resulting in more and more people in the physical state of subhealth. For the growing needs of health and fitness, Chinese government promote the outdoor fitness equipment industry development and rise. 


Statistics show that China home fitness equipment sales of more than 12 billion yuan after the 2008 Olympic Games, is about three times in 2004. And throw more than 30% a year growth, China will become the most potential market in the world.

For a long time, the outdoor fitness equipment industry in China faces both opportunities and challenges. The analysis on the supply and demand of fitness equipment industry market, whether for the long-term development of the fitness equipment industry in China, or for the breakthrough of other work, it has a positive guiding role.

Recent years, along with market competition intensifying of both China and abroad fitness equipment industry and the influx of imported products, fitness equipment industry in our country pay more attention to technological progress and the use of advanced equipment. So the product quality has greatly improved. At the same time, many fitness equipment enterprises in our country also actively participate in the international market competition, and withstand the test of the market. At present, our outdoor fitness equipment products has been exported to Europe, the United States and other developed countries in great quantities.

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