Design of Children outdoor fitness equipment

Date: 2017-04-17 Source: Print Bookmark

Now the outdoor fitness equipment for children is very scare, the children usually use the outdoor fitness equipment for adults. However, children and adults have significant differences in the psychological and physiological, so using adult's fitness equipment cannot achieve the desired effect for children, even has the danger of injury. Coz lack of care, we often can see the children use adult outdoor fitness equipment in the forms of inaccurate and even dangerous.


The design based on the children psychological characteristics

1. Requires little training or no training, the child’s mind is not yet mature, sophisticated devices tend to make children feel bad, because they cannot grasp essentials and produce frustration in use process.

2. The children Fitness equipment should be different from the adult fitness equipment in appearance, combining with the psychological characteristics of children, the appearance of the children fitness equipment should have the strong affinity and relatively bright color, easy to identify.

3. Compared with adults, children patience is limited, if the process is designed as boring repetitive movement, it is very difficult to attract children to use. Good fitness equipment design should be combined with children psychology. Integrate the fitness process into a kind of game atmosphere, the procedure of fitness experience designed as a process of game experience, children and fitness equipment, children and children should have good interaction and communication.

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