Don’t Hold the Outdoor Fitness Equipment too Tightly during Exercise

Date: 2017-04-25 Source: Print Bookmark

During exercise outside, many people like to hold the outdoor fitness equipment tightly, because they think it's safer. But it's wrong as if they hold the outdoor fitness equipment too tightly, exercise intensity will increase.


In the case of safety, we should reduce the holding strength of the outdoor fitness equipment, because the person’s wrist power is small, if long time holds the outdoor fitness equipment, the muscles of the wrist will fatigue easily. In addition, when people hold the outdoor fitness equipment tightly, their attention will turn to the wrist, other parts of the body will relax, and thighs, chests, etc. These parts should be better to exercise the muscles will not be able to achieve effective exercise, which makes this workout. Right way is that if you want to exercise the wrist, you do the exercise with the dumbbell, barbell, you should better hold the machines tightly. If you want to exercise for the thighs and chest, in the case of safety, both hands should try to relax.

Do the exercise in the correct way and in the safety situation, it will achieve a good effect of exercise.

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