Washing your hands after exercising on outdoor fitness equipment

Date: 2017-04-26 Source: Print Bookmark

There are many outdoor fitness equipment, such as spacewalking machine, tai chi spinner, waist twist and other outdoor exercise equipment. It can bring your unexpected health.


However, now all kinds of bacteria around is ubiquitous. The Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention of infectious diseases prevention and control Professor Zeng Guang said that it’s inevitable to contact with outdoor fitness facilities, the exerciser should avoid infection with the disease or infectious diseases. In addition to disinfect public fitness equipment, the exerciser should also develop a good habit after exercising on outdoor fitness equipment.

Please do not wash hands immediately after using outdoor fitness equipment, and do not eat if do not wash hands. Children can’t put their hands in mouth if do not wash hands, because it will spread the disease. Professor Zeng Guang suggested that public fitness place should provide sobs and disinfecting paper towels if necessary, and the government should also strengthen the construction facilitates.

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