Outdoor Fitness Equipment for TRX

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TRX is the abbreviation of Total Resistance Exercise. It means the "systemic resistance exercise", but the fitness realm seems to call it "hanging training system". TRX hanging training system can help trainers complete fitness training almost all muscle. It can improve body builders’ strength, flexibility and core stability. TRX hanging training system after years of development, it has entered the general body builder group. TRX training system is made up of the main hanging rope, sling, handle and foot ring. You just need find a hanging point, whether it is home, dormitory or outdoors everywhere can become an exercise place for you. And for the outdoor area, we produce the professional outdoor fitness equipment for the TRX for you already. 


When using TRX, please hold your hands or feet by hooking handle training with two ends of the main rope and foot ring, to complete the action. Compared with other exercise equipment, no exercise training is sitting TRX features. At the same time, the completion of action in suspension, to mobilizes the active muscles for balance, fitness training system for the stability of. TRX now the fast pace of life, sitting for a long time, fitness characteristics of short routines designed a series of actions, including the upper and lower limbs, core training and flexibility training, each of which also contains dozens of routines in action. At the same time, the change of the support point, hanging point the height and the length of the main rope and can increase or decrease the difficulty of movement, resulting in different training effects. "Whether you have health habits, sports foundation, you can use TRX to exercise TRX can help." Help training completed almost all training, and enhance the strength, flexibility and stability of the core. TRX fitness system with any forms of exercise, needs adherence for a long term, not expect a day for two days to have the effect. Of course, if the long run, TRX fitness system will not disappoint. 

We will design and produce more kinds of outdoor fitness equipment for TRX using in the future.

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