What is the specific function of outdoor fitness equipment?

Date: 2017-05-10 Source: Print Bookmark

Community fitness is not a decoration, and it is for us to bring health. So what is the specific function of outdoor fitness equipment?


Best Bodybuilding: Many young men and women like fitness, if you continue to aerobics and gymnastics, outdoor fitness equipment to enhance the balance and coordination of work, you will receive significant results. 

The best anti-hypertensive exercise: According to Japanese experts that outdoor fitness equipment should not be used to lift, pull, push, and picks the weight of the class of activities, because it can induce blood pressure rise. Walking is a dynamic movement which promotes blood vessel contraction and expansion through repeated contraction of the muscles, thereby reducing blood pressure. 

Best anti-myopic exercise: Playing table tennis has increase muscle systolic function, and is very helpful for vision. The secret is to play table tennis, outdoor fitness equipment, table tennis kept far, near, on the regulation and movement, greatly promoted the blood to provide eye tissue. 

Best Brain Movement: All aerobic exercise brain function can promote blood circulation and provide the brain with enough energy. The most important is improving thinking and imagination. 

The best anti-aging campaign: Outdoor fitness equipment, anti-aging fitness devaluation operation, practice has always insisted that jogging can always mobilize the body's antioxidant enzyme initiative, which received the role of anti-aging.

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