The essentials for different people use outdoor fitness equipment

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If ladies want to enhance the strength of the hand, the use of outdoor fitness equipment exercise when both hands grasp the bar, and then alternating forward; if you want to exercise physical coordination, you can use the skills before the exercise must be prepared to do, warm up 10 ~ 15 minutes or so.


Recommend the use of good quality outdoor fitness equipment for exercise. So that women can exercise and keep the body, in the use of outdoor fitness equipment not exercise too fast.

The skills of outdoor fitness equipment can be controlled to stretch and tighten the muscles, should not move too fast or too slow, the action is not too fast and uneven force. The elderly exercise outdoor fitness equipment should be how to do.

Strength of the equipment, the old people pay attention to controlling the rate, the action should be gentle, there is the risk of sprained lumbar muscle, the range should not exceed 180 °, every 3-4 seconds to complete a time is appropriate.

Sensitive equipment, many elderly people like to shake their legs together, which is very dangerous. It will cause the center of gravity instability, so the elderly in the operation of outdoor fitness equipment exercise, the most suitable swing range of 45 ° or so, the best frequency is 3-4 seconds / time.

Mainly used to exercise the strength of the waist and lower limbs of the equipment, the elderly need pays attention to exercising intensity, resulting in damage to knee muscles.

For the health of the elderly, the use of outdoor fitness equipment to a healthy exercise, moderate exercise.

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