Outdoor Fitness Equipment Expand the Road to Bold Innovation

Date: 2017-05-26 Source: Print Bookmark

At present, the development of training by many enterprises, institutions, social groups used in the team building, personal ability to exercise and so have received a good effect, can be described as all the rage. Outward training in addition to the importance of enterprises and institutions, while young people in the school also spread. In children and children to expand training so popular times, what kind of outdoor fitness equipment has market prospects?


At present the children rope network adventure equipment in the market is the most popular young outdoor fitness equipment. Rope network adventure, as the name suggests is the use of rope and stent designed out of large venues to expand the amusement equipment. There are several meters in the stent, in a stent equipment with a rope to connect multiple types of checkpoints, climbing, crawling, swing, single-plank bridge, jump and other links.

Children adventure design concept is to allow participants to feel the usual in the city can not come into contact with a variety of experiences, such as climbing, a single-plank bridge, take the rope ladder, climbing. Modern life in the city of children, there is no chance of these wild experience, rope net adventure equipment for this phenomenon, for children to create a immersive experience. 

Network adventure each link design contains a strong interest, taking into account the contents of the real adventure outdoors, while avoiding the real field situation can not control the risk factors, which is particularly important for young children. Participate in the project children can not only in the real life of the wild real experience, a variety of comprehensive quality to get exercise, but also enjoy the joy of good mood.

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