Outdoor Fitness path "cloud times" into life

Date: 2017-06-02 Source: Print Bookmark

When the traditional "universal outdoor fitness equipment" encountered high-tech "cloud" technology, fitness path ushered in the "cloud era."

"The second generation of intelligent fitness path contains the physical test board physical, aerobic, strength, flexibility, balance, coordination, response and so on more than 50 tests, according to the test results designed corresponding to the training items can be achieved in the fitness path. According to Wande Sports co-founder and CEO Wu Wanpeng introduced, Wande developed the second generation of intelligent fitness path includes scientific fitness cloud service platform, set the quality of testing, fitness path project, the public fashion fitness project, "expert" cloud guidance, scientific fitness Knowledge popularization, national fitness work and other functions in one, the blind fitness into a scientific guidance under the fitness to meet the needs of different age groups, different needs of the crowd.


"Compared with the traditional fitness path, a new generation of fitness path can be real-time view of fitness video guide, the regional configuration of the equipment is specifically for different groups of physical and mental characteristics, from the ground, equipment, testing, exercise, competition, fun, games, fashion, security , The scientific to meet the needs of fitness, the music, lighting, color, landscape, space, low carbon into the fitness, such as children body growth and development characteristics of the design of the ground science fun exercise, youth design ball games and other projects, adult design Physical, sub-health exercise, the elderly design rehabilitation, sensitivity, attention, etc., also added a parent-child game area, so that the exercise project more interesting and scientific, so that exercise in an elegant, relaxed fitness environment to promote health。

"We developed the second generation of fitness path the biggest feature reflects the 'intelligent': the use of Internet and Internet of things technology, in each device are set on the two-dimensional code, not only scan immediately can view more than 300 scientific fitness guide video , But also at any time to take pictures repair damaged equipment, equipment management system to achieve network and real-time. "Wu Wanpeng said that in order to solve the second generation of equipment warranty, they also developed a fitness equipment management system. Through this system can be the first time to receive repair information and equipment location, timely repair.

"20 years, the traditional fitness path project basically unchanged, with the economic and social development, the traditional path occupied by the site, scientific, poor sense of the times, the function is not complete, unreasonable configuration, as well as lack of management and maintenance, security risks and other issues increasingly It is imperative that the reform of the fitness path is imperative.Currently, the Internet and the artificial intelligence technology are becoming more and more popular, and the second generation of fitness equipment products such as large data and other advanced technologies have appeared on the current body. I believe that in the national sports The support of the General Administration of the Group, the popularity of the second round of the popular fitness path will soon be popular in the country, will usher in a major upgrade of the national fitness path products. "China Sporting Goods Federation Secretary-General Roger firmly said.

Internet era, "cloud" products emerge in an endless stream, the fitness industry will follow the trend, the body Fair exhibitors in the display of new products, new technologies, panoramic view of the industry's intelligent peak level. In the future of the second generation of fitness path market, high-tech implant products will continue to emerge, which will also bring the gospel for the people to achieve scientific fitness.

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