what matters need to pay attention when install outdoor fitness equipment?

Date: 2017-06-06 Source: Print Bookmark

Due to the use of the environment, the use of different frequencies, outdoor fitness equipment and indoor fitness equipment has a completely different characteristics. Indoor fitness equipment management, personal guidance, and outdoor fitness equipment exposed to the wind and rain in the outdoor environment, not only requires the equipment has a good anti-loose, waterproof performance, but also anti-theft, the equipment surface quality requirements Higher, can not appear out paint, rust and so on. Installation of outdoor fitness equipment and the surrounding environment, should meet the following requirements.


1. Outdoor fitness equipment from the overhead high and low voltage horizontal distance should not be less than 3m.

2. Outdoor fitness equipment from the underground pipeline, the distance between the edge of the underground line should be not less than 2m, from all types of office buildings, residential buildings and various types of building management of the horizontal distance should not be less than 5m.

3. The need to use outdoor fitness equipment at night, in the equipment edge 2m range, the light should not be less than 15lx.

4. Outdoor fitness equipment should be away from flammable, explosive and toxic, harmful items, site fitness should be consistent with the national security requirements.

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