How to install the rubber mat for the outdoor playground equipment?

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As more people take care of the kids safety during they play the outdoor playground equipment. The rubber mat is more popular used as the surface floor. Hereby we make the manual of how to install the rubber mat for the outdoor playground equipment. The rubber mat should be installed before you install the outdoor playground equipment.


A) Clean up the site

1) The ground water should be swept away, to ensure that the ground was dry (moisture should be dried enough);

2) Dust Cleaning: Before pavement, sweep and clean the ground, we should examine carefully whether there is oil spilled and dropped by roller and paver machine in particular.

B) safety mats laying

1) According to the size of the site, arrange the appropriate number of people to lay the mats.

2) After entering the site, with the exact requirements and size drawing. Try to figure out the methods of material saving, labor saving.

3) Find the right three sides in site, draw one line in horizontal and two lines in vertical, extend it and make it right angle, leave the appropriate distance to the site edge (maximum distance) for the 49.5-49CM. The distance is used for squeeze the contact point closely seamless with the surrounding.

4) Along a horizontal white lines, arrange one person paint the ground( inner white line ) using special glue from left to right, another one person follow and lay the rubber mats, Notes: when finish laying each three mats and the fourth mat should leave 0.5-1CM overlap both horizontally and vertically (base mat thickness) in order to allow extrusion of safety mats .lay the mat closely and avoid of the gap in the middle.

5) Glue should be applied in the middle and the four corners of each floor mats, the intermediate diameter is about 10CM area.

6) About an hour later after laying, we should process the the safety mats which is laid first, Fix the position with concrete nails outside (subject to the white line) to make sure that the mat does not move when squeeze it.

7) Use the rubber hammer when squeezed, can not knock the mats bad, ensure the floor mats intact and edge to edge, make all the mats edge into a straight line, the angle of the corner at right angles, make it very smooth, does not appear the phenomenon of the surface scratched.

8) Using the above method and finish the laying within the white lines, the remaining four sides, we should pay attention to cutting the mats into the slope, the surface should be cut less than the bottom cut.

9) During the laying process of playground facilities, cut the mat shape based on the post foot (mounting plate), leaving gaps to install equipment, for fitness equipment, the cutting method above.

10) When all the laying is completed, clean project site, waiting for project acceptance.

After the glue dry, then we can install the outdoor playground equipment above the rubber mat.

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