How to choose children playground slide and combined slide?

Date: 2017-03-04 Source: Print Bookmark

With the improvement of living standards, children playground equipment becomes more and more, the combined slide also came into being.


The new children playground equipment from the column, clamp to the column top cover is made of aluminum alloy, which is very durable. Colorful electrostatic spray and anti-ultraviolet can maintain a solid result if using for a long time. Normally, combined slide includes ladder, slide, and rope net and so on, which no sharp objects protruding, while each children slide element have multiple models and colors, this is combined playground slide can not compare. Combination slide set fitness and entertainment as a whole, based on children interest and preferences to design different styles.

The combined slide is very useful place for activities. Children playground slippery slide tectonic insurance durable, envisaged open, harmonious colors, can give the child insurance, joy and vivid feelings. Rust-proof function is particularly strong. The goods are color and beautiful which not easily fade. However, children playground slide are aimed at children like drilling. The color is strong and the performance is complete.

The combined slide is made by the design team idea, which creates  unlimited joy and absorption in amusement park, kindergarten and community in unlimited time. The style is fashionable and high-end.

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