Safety measures for children water outdoor playground equipment

Date: 2017-03-06 Source: Print Bookmark

A variety of playground equipment, amusement park rapid spread from the city to the rural areas. With the gradual warming of the weather, the water outdoor playground equipment will face a new development. However, the safety measures of outdoor playground equipment can no be ignored when playing amusement facilities.

Water outdoor playground equipment management includes the novelty of playground equipment, the test of normal operation, the placement of equipment and other aspects. The staff should be trained to determine safety, which can deal with problems timely.


The staff should remind people who have high blood pressure and heart disease do not play too excited playground facilities. Any water playground equipment should have a corresponding security device.

First of all, water playground equipment should check before operating it, in order to avoid danger to children.

Second, children should be barefoot when playing water amusement equipment, so as not to scratch the equipment. Parents should accompany in the side to avoid children running a fierce collision hit the child, and they should also promptly wipe children sweat to avoid the children catch cold.

In addition, sometimes, many children like playing combined slide with other kids. They often slide before the next down, and another slide from the top, it may cause crush injury. If serious, visceral may have received serious injuries. If not treat timely, it will appear shock, pale skin, vomiting, dry mouth and other phenomena.

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