Safety precautions for outdoor playground equipment

Date: 2017-03-07 Source: Print Bookmark

Consumers who play the playground equipment, firstly should observe in the eye-catching position on whether the supervision and inspection departments issued by inspection certificate. It’s better not to play the playground equipment without test certificate or beyond the validity. In addition, it is necessary to observe whether the safety management of the recreational facilities is standardized, such as the indication of unnecessary sign and warning sign in the surrounding areas of the facilities, the management and the operator's absence, the integrity of the protective equipment. The internal management of the confusion, playground equipment is likely to be a serious risk, at any time may be an accident.


Before you choose to play the playground equipment, take the required ride. If you find recreational facilities such as unusual sound, smell, jitter, shaking, etc., you should leave the playground equipment and inform the equipment manager.

The public need to improve their safety awareness, in case of playground equipment outage and other failures trapped in the air or cockpit. Do not panic or tamper with, do not try to take from the air jump and other dangerous action. Should listen to the field staff command, patiently waiting for rescue workers. In general, amusement equipment has a relatively complete safety maintenance device, and operating units are also relatively safe and effective emergency rescue measures. Visitors can be patient to wait for the operation of the use of units of the rescued.

Attention to observe the instruction and warning sign, play should be carefully read the tourist information. Listen to the management of the command; play should be a good seat belt, buckle a good locking device, observe whether the pressure is good pressure. Do not arbitrarily cross the railing or through the cordon, with particular attention to manage their own children. Do not drive up and down the playground equipment before the facility is completely stopped.

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