The slides in the kindergarten

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Playground equipment news: The slides in the kindergarten

Playground slides are kindergarten essential facilities, combined slide is generally built in the outdoors, such as kindergarten playground corner. In addition to indoor classes and games, the more important is to provide some outdoor activities to increase after school life for kids, so that children kindergarten life to increase more programs and more activities of moving content, then kindergarten combination slide on the application was born.


Kindergarten combination slide can provide children with a free place to play, the security is relatively high, and the activity is very colorful, and is also one of the favorite rides for each of the children. The combined slide, including climbing playground equipment and other activities, as a combination of activities, enhances the content of the interesting activities. Kindergarten is to provide children with a variety of growth activities. So compared to primary and secondary schools, kindergartens pay more attention to the activities of the childlike and happy to more Plus to attract children, but also to promote the growth of all aspects of children, after all, children during the kindergarten is the most critical period of growth of children.

In order to kindergarten children happy growth, early childhood education experts and playground equipment manufacturers are big brains. In the strong market demand, the children play more and more endless tricks, for the combined slide to put forward higher requirements. Toys according to the children interests and hobbies carefully designed for each of a variety of different combinations of slides.

The differences between the materials of small children slides and large children slides are not great, mainly the size of the slide as well as the location. There are different aspects of the design: the company's large slide specifications are 8-10 meters or so, mainly for larger communities, schools, kindergartens and parks for the big children to play. The small children slide specifications are: about 5 meters and below, mainly for kindergarten, for a small number of children to play, and we are also different on product design, like a large general design and more combinations. Playground slide the use of more multi-channel design, the height of the slide than the small high number of projects will be more abundant, and small children are younger age, for the safety of children, so the design time than the large-scale features and the size has been reduced.

Large slides are mainly suitable for children aged 4-14, small slides are mainly applied to 3-10 year old children play, because the facilities are designed for children, only for children to play, forbidden adult play, otherwise May damage the facility, causing insecurity. In order to play when the security, please the children in the play to comply with the guidance of the staff, guide, do not make a dangerous action when the slide, and do not play in the slippery time, so as to avoid accidents.

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