There are several types of plastic runways

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Playground equipment news: There are several types of plastic runways

Plastic runway is generally divided into the following types:


1. Composite plastic track
The bottom of the elastic layer by the elastic rubber particles and one-component polyurethane adhesive according to the ratio of 8: 1 by professional construction machinery laying, the bottom of the construction after the completion of the use of special sealant to seal the bottom surface to prevent surface construction, PU Facial leakage, the surface layer by the special adhesive and EPDM particles after mixing sprayed.

2. Breathable plastic track
Breathable type of plastic runway site is the use of rubber particles mixed PU glue (glue the use of small), the use of mechanical paving methods paving, and other glue after the use of special spray equipment spray PU glue and small PU particles (or EPDM particles ) Mixture, sprayed in the laying of plastic surface made of plastic venues. The site is characterized by good flatness, good flexibility, high security, low cost, construction is difficult, easy to popular, suitable for non-professional training, competition, school use.

3. Since the knot plastic track
Since the end of the rise of a non-granular plastic runway, widely used in sports venues, universities and primary and secondary schools, kindergartens, the Department of the use of special formula R&D, surface layer for the natural formation of non-particles after the formation of non-slip layer, with bright colors, anti-aging, wear resistance, non-slip and other characteristics, very popular with customers.

4. Mixed plastic track
Using the IAAF approved mixed structure, the surface layer of PU particles or EPDM weathering environmentally friendly color particles, the mother is the whole blending part of the rubber particles. The construction process is simple and conforms to the international competition standard.

Do you know what the advantages of the plastic runway?

The athlete can produce a proper rebound, while protecting the athletes joints and ligaments, reducing the risk of injury. There is only a flexible plastic track to have this effect!

Non-slip - plastic runway special cover, to ensure that the surface is not slippery, for athletes to provide a stable sense of contact with the security, even in wet conditions and bad weather can also ensure that athletes at the foot of practical, start, accelerate, running fast security.

Wear-resistant plastic track excellent wear resistance, to ensure that the plastic track structure long-term stability, the internal physical and mechanical properties and appearances of structural characteristics of the same permanent, to show its best services.

Practicality - Plastic is the all-day runway, with the appropriate drainage system, after heavy rain or after washing can also be used immediately for training, games and games, and its use of the same performance.

So how to maintain the plastic runway it? In fact, very simple, no special maintenance, as long as the daily cleaning and washing on it!

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