The safety of playground equipment attracts people’s attention

Date: 2017-03-10 Source: Print Bookmark

Did children park and other urban playground equipment check regularly? Many people want to know children park and large amusement facilities safe or not.


About this, Wande Play expresses large-scale playground equipment will be inspected by special inspection department according to the application of the user units. The quality supervision department will check children park and playground equipment in the major holidays. There are many aspects to check, for example, whether playground facility has implemented the safety management system and the operation rules, whether the emergency rescue plan has been established and the exercise has been carried out; whether the large-scale amusement facilities have been regularly inspected and obtained "safety Inspection of qualified signs"; whether the operator after a training assessment, certificates, on-site operating personnel according to the chapter operation; large amusement facilities at the entrance is clearly posted "tourist information".

Wande Play here reminds citizens should take good security measures when playing playground equipment. If you found undocumented operation or no “safety inspection mark” recreational facilities, you can report it in time.

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