Only this kind of playground equipment is funny

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Playground equipment not only allows kid to enjoy the joy but also plays a positive role in the child’s growth. However, facing so many amusement park facilities in the market, not every facility is suitable for all kids. How to choose children playground equipment properly, and let child really love it? Here, Wande Play analyzes how to choose playground equipment according to children character.


First of all, it depends on the child's character. If the child is very lively, parents can choose a static amusement facilities, such as puzzle toys. If the child likes moving, you can choose aircraft, adventure caste and other recreational equipment. If the child is introverted, you can choose more dynamic playground equipment, such as children expanding park, naughty for, so you can let the introverted children lively.

Second, you should check the child's age. Child under the age of two generally speaks unclear, walks instability and no self-protection awareness, you can choose building blocks, pictures and so on, this will stimulate the children to speak. 3-6 years old children are more active, but hands and feet are not flexible, you can choose playground slide, climbing equipment and other playground equipment. 6-12 years old children can choose the intellectual point of the game, such as expanding paradise, adventure facilities and other playground facilities.

Finally, Wande Play reminds not only choose properly playground equipment, but also choose a safety device. The safety should be the primary place when having fun, because the safety is the best gift for the child.

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