How to do the routine maintenance of large outdoor playground equipment?

Date: 2017-03-15 Source: Print Bookmark

The large outdoor playground equipment is divided into outdoor projects and indoor projects, as outdoor equipment to maintain its safety and service life, its regular maintenance and routine maintenance is very important, what are the differences between large outdoor playground equipment and indoor recreational facilities?


First of all, the used material of outdoor playground equipment and indoor equipment is different, the outdoor playground equipment need to withstand the wind and sun, so the material must be very durable, bad material can not withstand the sun for a long time, will soon fad. As a result of indoor children playground equipment because it does not exist these problems, so the choice of materials with its beautiful, mostly for some fine pictorial decoration patterns, and durable, will not fade.

Second, large outdoor playground equipment if you encounter rainy days, then how to protects the device? First stop operating.

There is a variety of playground equipment around us, every year there will be some innovative equipment listed, attracting the attention of many children, but also attracted the investment of outdoor playground equipment, according to some playground equipment manufacturers told us that the past few years the market demand for recreational facilities is very large, year-old small manufacturers, annual sales can reach the number and tens of millions. This is something we can see.

The playground equipment industry in China can be considered a special industry, but also a sunrise industry, it has just developed in our country the momentum. Some high-quality children playground equipment manufacturers are also mainly concentrated in southern Guangdong. They are known for their work, product prices are higher, mainly export-oriented, while the North is the main domestic sales. The main markets for some small amusement equipment are rural areas.

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