Pay attention to the safety of children playground slide

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Playground equipment news: Pay attention to the safety of children playground slide

Playground slide are integrated sports equipment, only through climbing to slide activities. Slides, usually in kindergarten or children playground, are generally suitable for children aged 3-6, there are also special-purpose slides, such as for life-saving slides and so on. The slide is fitted with ladder on one side of the shelf and the other side is fitted with a sloping skateboard (usually flat and curved). The child slides up from the ladder and slides down from the swash plate.


The benefits of playing slides:

  1. To promote the baby's tactile development, so that the baby playing a wide range of slides in the process, experience the different touch, to promote tactile development.

  2.  Slide is the baby's "speed" of the initial feelings. Different lengths, slope of the slide to the baby to bring the speed experience is different, most of the baby's initial experience of speed from the process of playing slides.

  3.  Exercise coordination and enhance physical control. From the process of the slide, the baby needs to master their own balance and speed, get the coordination of physical exercise.

  4. To promote the development of large sports. The baby balance ability will be very good if often play on the slide, and good balance is the basis of athletic ability.

How are the babies of different ages playing slides?

8 months -1 years old: This time, the baby can play the kind of room that is very low slide. But this time the baby can not control the balance of their own body, in the process of decline, Mom and Dad has to protect children throughout the slide.

1-2 years old: Under the protection of parents, the baby can play a relatively small slope of the slide, let the baby understand the rules of the topic.

2-3 years old: try to let the baby slide a small slide. The process can guide the baby by hand to hold and release the slide on both sides of the two positions to control the speed of sliding, feel to maintain balance and body friction.

3-4 years old: It can let the baby try large slides and rotors. Consciously exercise the baby 's physical coordination. In the case of safe and unmanned, try to let the baby from the slide you want to crawl, in the smooth slope of the child's limbs strength and hands and feet and the use of coordination.

Child's dress

1. Do not be too thin or too thick. Because a lot of slide surface is not very smooth, too thin clothes will bruise the baby. Too thick clothes will be very convenient, in the climb process is not safe.

2. Clothes do not bring a rope or hard objects, brooches and so on. A rope of clothes may hit the railing on the way to play and cause the baby to suffocate. If you wear a hard like a big button such a dress, in the slide on the way will be hit by injury. As for the brooches, pins and other things, but can not let the baby wear on the body or drag in the hand to play slides.

Accompanied by the injury of the slips

High drop: First of all, check the injured parts and observe the baby or even sober. Observe whether or not vomiting, coma and other symptoms. Whether the head has trauma or local uplift, trunk and limbs, and whether the joints are also free and so on.

If only local bruises, can choose cold compress swell. Skin abrasions: such as wound bleeding, first to clean the wound, and then disinfection. If there is bruising, ice pack can be used cold.
In addition: Pay attention to skin burn, summer exposed plastic slide in fact the temperature is so amazing, the baby will slip down when the friction will heat, it is inevitable scald small ass. Hot weather, parents in the baby before the slide to test the temperature of the slide beforehand.

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