Are you sure that kids like playground equipment you chose?

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Children amusement parks spring up like mushrooms, so how to make your amusement park more competitive? The first choice is improving the attractiveness of playground equipment. Then the playground equipment you chose will be the children favorite game, and what are the children favorite amusement equipment? Here, Wande Play will introduce one by one.


1. Audience preferences

When choosing playground equipment, you should take consideration of consumption around the venue, play habits, the proportion of children age and so on. For different children age, how to choose amusement equipment? Childhood is the basic stage of life, the characteristics is different, so choosing children playground equipment needs to consider the child’s intellectual and physical development.

0-2 years old: The security sense if weak and no self-protection ability, and prone to accidents. You can choose children sand or swimming pool, horse rider and other playground equipment.
3-6 years old: Full of curious and like adventure, you can choose naughty fort, combined slide and so on.
6-14 years old: They like challenging intellectual game, you can choose indoor rock climbing, training and other challenges playground equipment.

2. The color of playground equipment

Children playground is for kids to play, so the the color of playground equipment should bright, happy, charming, soft and lively. Almost all the children like pure color. Playground equipment is best able to have some characteristics, so the children can research and develop their favorite games. Meeting the child’s psychological characteristics is easy to understand and novelty; and can promote the healthy development of the mental and body.

3.The quality of playground equipment

The child's safety is always in the first place, and is the basic requirement to ensure the normal operation of playground equipment. The quality if the life of playground equipment, we should pay attention to the quality and after-sales services.

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