How to use colors on outdoor playground equipment?

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The colors have great impact on outdoor playground equipment operation. Related research shows that proper colors will make the outdoor playground equipment more attractive. The main reason is that equipment color is the first impression the users will have about the playground and color will influence how long they will play the equipment.  
Here Wande Play Facilities would like to share their opinions about how to choose colors for different outdoor playground equipment.


1. Bright colors.

For some of the tall and fast running or more exciting outdoor playground equipment, we recommend using bright colors. The bright colors will attract more people to join the game.

2. Dark colors.

For the hawk house, and some other outdoor playground equipment, the use of dark colors will be more appropriate color, to create a terrorist atmosphere. Some outdoor playground equipment is designed to imitate some nature forest such as trees etc, the dark color as brown and black will make the equipment more real.

3. Mild colors.
For some more casual children outdoor playground equipment, we can use a mild tone, so that the play equipment will be more comfortable in visual. Kids got relax during play the equipment.

Last but not least, the outdoor playground equipment color should match the buildings surrounded, the whole area will look more harmonious and enjoyable.

Therefore, children outdoor playground equipment should not only to be rich in color, and the appropriate color is also very important, the proper color can make children play equipment more attractive.

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