How to play outdoor playground equipment?

Date: 2017-03-20 Source: Print Bookmark

At present, the global demand for toys is growing, more and more demanding, especially large outdoor playground equipment. In China, outdoor playground equipment has become every kindergarten, community essential facilities, but also the most loved by the children play equipment. The children through the large playground equipment with drilling, climbing, sliding, swing, turn, turn, shoot, jump, grasp and other actions of the practice, not only the physical quality of development, and unity and cooperation, courageous and overcome the good quality of difficulties get developed.


In the past, when our kindergarten teachers organized children to play outdoor playground equipment, the plan often is not strong, the purpose is unknown as well as other problems, or free activities when the children flocked to push the trampling phenomenon, or collective activities, the outdoor playground equipment were " Refrigerated "up, resulting in idle resources.

How to make the children happy to play and wisdom to play, so that the outdoor playground equipment in the outdoor activities to be rational use, and can effectively play its entertaining function, we make the following professional advice. According to outdoor playground unique functional organization activities, each playground has a certain educational function.

Whether it is used to practice drilling, climbing or balance, the development of children action has a certain role in promoting. In addition, some playground equipment are symmetrical, there are two parallel ladder and slide, so that children can be divided into two teams to play, first climb the ladder, and then slide down the slide to see which team to win. The use of outdoor playground equipment of their own characteristics when organize the game, children not only practice the action, but also will be very happy.

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