Playground equipment feast--China (Beijing) International Amusement Equipment Exhibition

Date: 2017-03-23 Source: Print Bookmark

With the rapid development of China tourism industry, the tourism and leisure industry developed rapidly. It not only attracts the attention of many investors and operators, but also promotes the development of playground equipment. This phenomenon has been fully reflected in China (Beijing) International Amusement Facilities and Equipment Exhibition in this year.


China (Beijing) International Amusement Facilities Exhibition, organized by the China Amusement Park Amusement Park Association, which has been successfully held 27 sessions, is currently China's amusement facilities and equipment industry's most senior professional exhibition. The exhibition was held on March 18 at the Beijing National Convention Center for two days.

This is a heat radiance, fun dripping play event. The show attracted countless manufacturers and professional buyers of playground equipment from around the world. Products include recreational venues and park recreation, electronic games series, water playground equipment, dynamic film, children theme play facilities and equipment. In some large exhibition halls, exhibitors can not only experience a variety of recreational facilities equipment, but also participate in a variety of amusement projects. It can let professional buyers purchase their own one-stop playground equipment to meet their diverse needs.

Expo as an international amusement industry cooperation and win-win stage, its total purpose is providing a successful harvest, brand display and development of an important opportunity for the domestic and foreign recreational facilities and equipment enterprises. It can promote the healthy development of China's amusement industry. Through this event show, the future of development trend of playground equipment industry will always remain invincible for the healthy development of China's entertainment industry draw a lot of colors.

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