The way of playing outdoor playground equipment

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The way of playing outdoor playground equipment

Combined with the auxiliary material organization subjective integrated game appropriate increase auxiliary materials, can enrich the activities of the content, increase child's interest in activities, so that children in the plot, the role of the game to get a comprehensive exercise. 


For example, children can play "ants to move beans" game. Children play small ants, then to climb the "grass", "hill", and slide down the "hillside", go to the beans ("beans" is table tennis, "grass" is rubber mat, "the hill" is the slide). In this game, it can practice child’s balance ability and climb movements.

Another example is “bomb” game. First of all, children go to the playground equipment to take the "bomb", then drilled "cave", and the "bomb" cast a blockade ("Castle" is a comprehensive outdoor playground equipment, "bomb" is the ocean ball). Children can walk from the ladder to the playground equipment, and then from the single slide, double slide or rotating slide, and down the barrel. You can also choose according to their own ability and preferences. This kind of game is generally circular, and requiring certain rules, in accordance with a certain order of the game. It not only raises the awareness of children rules, but also improves children physical quality.

In addition to taking use of outdoor large-scale toys, the teacher can let children play outdoor playground equipment freely. It is necessary to reflect the autonomy of children, and overcome the "sheep" management. Before the event, teachers should remind child humility, friendly, not crowded and other requirements. If some one finds playground equipment was broken, child should tell the teacher to eliminate the hidden dangers of insecurity. The game can be self-employed child, self-selected activity, but the teacher should accompany and observe the children in the whole process, so that children can play outdoor playground equipment safe and happy.

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