The basic design of children outdoor playground

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According to the experience, a child's outdoor playground should pay attention to the below 8 aspects for the main elements of design.


Understand the kids needs

Understand children and their needs which are very important. Children have the right to play outdoor playground equipment, see the bright colors in the game, and experience the joy of the game and the happiness of getting knowledge from the game. Their game is to reflect the world of adult, and on their own way to grow up.

Divide the age group

Who is your target age group? Which age group needs you should consider? To make sure which age group the outdoor playground equipment park will service for. This is very important for planning an outdoor park. Because of that if you want to build a functional outdoor playground equipment park, you must fully consider the different requires of different age children. If the park also service for the disabled children, their special needs they also need consider.

1. The objective conditions

Define the area and boundary of the children playground equipment park. We should pay much attention to the objective factors which will affect the facilities laid, such as sewers, obstructions, lamp posts etc.

2. The entrance and exit of the park

We should consider the traffic around, and whether it’s convenient for children to ride bicycle or play return board, convenient for carry baby chairs or wheel chairs when choosing the address.

3. Facilities placement and color

Light/ shadow/ sunshine/ wind and other factors must be considered. Another important factor is that the color of the outdoor playground equipment park. The color important on children is very obvious. Bright and pleasant color will make children feel happy.

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