Safety management of children park health system should be strengthened

Date: 2017-03-30 Source: Print Bookmark

In the last two or three years, many urban shopping malls, supermarkets have launched a number of large indoor children playgrounds. These children indoor amusement parks, to a certain extent, can promote the child's growth and development, to bring children happy childhood, but many parks hidden dangers, and lack of suitable laws and regulations.  Experts advise, for the current state of small amusement facilities supervision, the relevant departments should speed up legislation, the implementation of the regulatory system, and can learn from the excellent experience of foreign management, to develop a series of strict playground equipment management system.


In children playgrounds, children playgrounds in Germany must be equipped with children playgrounds for children. These children parks in Germany belong to public places, planned, constructed and managed by local government departments. Weeding, renovation, etc. also stressed that facilities need to be suitable for children. 

At present, China's "Regulations on the Management of Public Places" not include children playgrounds in the categories regulated by the Regulations. The seven categories stipulated in the Regulations and 28 public places do not involve children playgrounds. Therefore, there are no corresponding health management standards for shopping malls, supermarkets, children park health conditions for effective supervision, health care by the operator consciously grasp. Some parents have called on operators of supermarkets, shopping malls and restaurants to improve health and safety issues before the relevant departments are legislated to ensure that the public is assured of consumption. More people in an interview that is, no matter what kind of children chooses to play facilities, mainly rely on parents to good or bad.

It will be very danger if child plays itself, in addition to hoping that the safety supervision, as the guardian of the parents must accompany, to avoid accidents at the same time. In order to avoid disinfection is not strict due to cross-infection, parents should stay away from 'three no' facilities, try to choose a standard playground equipment. "Experts suggest that parents do not let the children play to those who are particularly old, equipment, ragged or rusty, exposed to the outside, abnormal sound or abnormal operation. Free play area crowded, let the children wait. If the child is particularly tall or particularly naughty, then let the children wait. Do not let the child try to do something dangerous, such as jumping from a height, rolling down or rolling around, and so on.

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