Precautions for playing outdoor playground

Date: 2017-04-06 Source: Print Bookmark

Spring temperatures rise, the weather is warm, which is suitable for outdoor sports activities. It can develop children physical coordination and enhance the child's resistance to various diseases, so many parents will choose to bring children to play outdoor playground equipment. Kindergartens also add outdoor playground equipment, but some parents "only put no matter" behavior so that children play a large toy buried a lot of insecurity.


First of all, the young child flock when child goes home. There will be fast action, slow action, run, jump, push, dispute and other phenomena. Second, some parents communicate with others when children playing, what should we do if the child falls? At the same time, it is also easy to breed children, the contradiction between parents. As the kindergarten is also inconvenient to limit the parents with children to play outdoor playground equipment, so the kindergarten reminds parents that how to take the children to play with playground equipment.

1. Let children be friendly.

2. Please tell the child the correct way to play outdoor playground equipment, such as not run on the toy and not fall on the slide.

3. Parents in time to help children check clothing, shoelaces, the timely elimination of security risks.

4. Parents do regulatory work to ensure that children within the scope of the activities of parents.

5. When the children play on the slide, teachers should remind children not take toys on the slide; not slip, hand slippery side, and stand up after slide down immediately. The children go away and then slide. Teachers should always check it, especially the cylinder slides and slides under the empty place to prevent accidents.

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